Guido Zsilavecz
Guido started diving in 1989, as an alternate to surfing when the sea was flat. He learned to dive with the University of Cape Town Underwater Club (UCTUC), and quickly progressed from beginner to instructor. Although he has since stopped instructing, in those early days it provided welcome income, usually converted quickly into dive gear. Early on he also became fascinated with the marine environment, and not being able to explain to his friends and parents what was down there, he quickly acquired a Nikonos V to photograph it all. After university he joined False Bay Underwater Club (FBUC), a club he is still a member of.

Guido enjoys dive travel and has dived in many places in the world. He does not just head to warm tropical waters, where most Cape Town divers aim for due to the cold water at home, but has also visited other temperate waters dive areas, having done some interesting diving in New Zealand, for example.

Through his photography Guido also started publishing articles in Divestyle - a few on dive travel and exotic locations, but also some on Cape Town's unique marine environment. He also started contributing to marine identification guides, including those by Helmut Debelius and Rudie Kuiter.

Guido's interest in the marine environment really intensified when he started photographing klipfishes using the Nikonos extension tubes and framers. In the process he discovered a new species, the bluespotted klipfish Pavoclinus caeruleopunctatus. Encouraged and helped by Dr. Phil Heemstra and his wife, Elaine, as well as Dr. Kim Prochazka, he wrote and published the description of the species. With his appetite fuelled, he then proceeded to photographing the coastal fishes of Cape Town. This resulted in his first marine guide. Once that was done he switched over to sea slugs, and published his second guide two years later. At more or less the same time as the first book came out he and Peter Southwood decided to form SURG.

He is currently researching his first interest, klipfishes, with an aim of creating an identification guide of all species in southern Africa, a task he is discovering is not that easy...

In 2012 "Southern African Sea Life - A Guide for Young Explorers" was published by Struik Nature, and is the collaboration of Dr. Sophie v.d. Heyden (who came up with the concept and wrote the text), and Guido (who took most of the photos), and the great team at Struik.

In 2014 Guido was honoured to have a small mysid shrimp he discovered named after him, and now Mysidopsis zsilaveczi will frustrate scientists everywhere as they try to pronounce it.

For a living Guido is a partner in a small company providing OSS/BSS expertise to telecommunications companies. He holds a MSc. in computer science from the University of Cape Town. Guido is married to Helene, and lives in Hout Bay in a very nice house with two very nice cats - the latest addition being Bintang, joining Tukula, with 7 having passed away in 2014.

To see some of Guido's photography, visit his flikr page here.

Areas of interest and specialised knowledge:
  • Marine biodiversity and taxonomy, especially fishes and opisthobranchs (sea slugs) of the Cape Town area.
  • Taxonomy and behaviour of southern African clinidae (klipfishes).
  • Underwater photography.
  • Low tech and simple improvements for underwater cameras and strobes.

Areas dived within South Africa:
Paternoster, Langebaan Lagoon, Maalgat (Cederberg), Cape Town: from Robben Eiland to Hangklip, Bot Rivier Vlei, Hermanus, Gans Bay, Knysna Lagoon and Heads, Aliwal Shoal, Durban, Sodwana Bay, various inland dams, rivers and assorted holes containing water deep enough to dive in, and the Faure covered dam in Somerset West.

Areas dived internationally
Mozambique (Ponta Malongane, Guinjata Bay, Bazaruto), Bassas Da India, Egypt (Sinai: Sharm el Sheikh area; offshore from Hurghada; Brothers Islands; Elphinstone; and others), Maldives, Seychelles, Australia (Darwin, Perth, Great Barrier Reef off Cairns, off Townsville and off Airlie Beach), New Zealand (Bay of Islands, Matauri Bay, Poor Knights, McGregor, Goat Island, White Island), Fiji (Viti Levu and Leleuvia islands), Argentina (Peninsula Valdez), Malaysia (Penang Island), Indonesia (Sulawesi: Bunaken, Lembeh Straits; Donggala; Papua: Raja Ampat; Bali (all around); Halmahera: Weda Bay; Ambon)
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Scientific Contributions
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