Naval klipfish. Both photos Johan Swanepoel
Fleet klipfish Climacoporus navalis
Fleet klipfish are known from Still Bay to Port St. Johns. It is noted to be abundant in rock pools, so to see the same species at a depth of >22m is interesting: few klipfish have quite that depth range, and tend to specialize in a certain habitat.

That the photos show the fleet klipfish is fairly certain, as it is described as having "an oval dark ocellus with pale border between origin of lateral line and 2nd-3rd dorsal spines", and having an overall colour ranging from yellow-brown to greenish, reddish or maroon brown, and with irregular barring, which the two photos definitely show.

The name is interesting, as the first specimen was caught off the bottom of the "General Botha" in the Simon's Town naval base, as it was entering the dry dock. While the name was derived from the first specimen, the species does not ocurr naturally as far south as Cape Town.
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